Tuesday, February 28, 2012

(Updated Friday, March 2nd)

Here we are...another week closer to Spring...and my yard is screaming at me to come and spruce it up a bit! I really need a 40 hour day...then maybe I could get everything done!

I've got some fun stuff in already for this coming weekend....our candle order came in yesterday from Black Crow...complete with some new tart flavors! The new issue of Mary Janes Farm arrivied...$4.99 for the issue....and our order of Templar plastic from Heirloon Stitches came in...6 sheets to the pack for $15.00.

We have two new punchneedle patterns...$11.95 each.

The new "April Wordplay" pattern is here...$8.95 for the pattern...

And two other new cross stitch patterns that were just released at the Nashville show last weekend..."Peter and Peep"...$9.95 (this was done on 22 ct. fine ariosa linen...which we have and it's very reasonably priced!)

"House of Blues"...$9.95

I've had several requests for different colors of 28ct linen...so we'll have 8 colors to choose from coming in for the weekend. In the Cashel 28 ct, we'll have "Dirty Linen", "Summer Khaki", "Natural", "Flax", "Vintage Country Mocha", "Light Mocha", "Clay", and "Black". I'll put pictures up of all the colors over on our selling site as soon as they arrive in the next couple of days.

(Wednesday..."Leap Day!")

Our cross stitch supplies arrived today and all the new patterns are here! The new Blackbird Designs book, "For My Friend", is in there as well...and it is NICE! Some of the copies are already spoken for...if you need one for sure and haven't reserved one yet, now is the time to do that! You won't be dissapointed!! $26.95 (WOW price $24.25)

Also, if you are a fan of Carriage House Samplings cross stitch patterns, they have a new one that we received today..."Shaw, A Quaker Reproduction". Pattern price is $7.00 (WOW price is $6.30)...all done is wonderful old blues, grays and golds!

Sadly, we didn't get all the colors of Cashel that we ordered....they'll be here soon...but we did receive the "Natural", "Black", and "Vintage Country Mocha". These are all 28 count and very reasonably priced...$17 for a quarter yard...$8.50 for a fat 1/8th.

Also in...the 7"/9" Morgan combo lap hoops...$39.95 each...fantastic for cross stitch and punchneedle projects!

I know more's coming tomorrow...maybe the model of Barbara Brackman's Battle Hymn quilt will arrive...Dori (Sue's mom) worked tirelessly to get that done for the shop and I can't wait for yall to see it!

Two new cross stitch patterns that debuted at the Nashville market last weekend by Stacy Nash are coming...they MIGHT make it for the shop Sunday....

Summer Gathering Pinkeep, slipper and Strawberry...$13.95 (WOW price $12.55)

Grace Bridges Sampler...$17.95 (WOW price $16.15)

(Friday evening)

One last update before tomorrow...

Our timed grungy tapers came in today and will be in the shop for the weekend! We have two sizes...4" and 6"...and they are timed to stay on for 8 hours and go off for 16 hours, automatially. Great for little nightlights!

Last weekend we put in our new star pillar timed candles...these are really great and we sold a ton of them! Two sizes available right now...come and see them if you get the chance!

Today, one of the very talented gals who creates things for the shop sent me a big box of bunnies....oh my gosh, it was all I could do not to the take them in for the weekend!
BUT you'll have to wait one more weekend...then Spring will be in bloom at the shop...so mark your calendar!

The new issue of Rug Hooking Magazine is here...$9.95!

Ok...I think that's it for now! Good stuff coming next week...table squares and placemats and fun yardage from Family Heirloom weavers, and lots of Spring treats... and bunnies!

(Update #2 for Friday)
I can't stand it...I'm going to have to bring in just a few bunnies in the morning!

(Saturday night update....)

Just in case anyone reads this...the two new Stacy Nash patterns came in today's mail and will be in the shop for Sunday! So if you're thinking you can't live another day with one of those........


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