Friday, January 27, 2012

What a week!

Happy Friday everyone!

What a week this has been...I think I'm glad it's Friday!

For all you girls (and guys) that received one of those weird emails from us this past week...I do apologize for that! Our aol account was hacked and sent out some bizarre email to just about everyone in our email base...what a mess that was! And try calling AOL and getting anything done fast...forget that!! (And I find it hard to believe that anyone with THAT heavy of an accent NOT from this country has the name "REX"....really???) Anywhooooo....we finally got it all straight...changed things that had to be changed....and off we go again!

Primitive Quilts and Projects Spring issue arrived and will be in the shop this weekend! I have two kits just about ready to go...I'll have a few done by Saturday...

This is Maggie's project from the book...although she does not back her project, our kit will have backing fabric included in case a pillow comes to mind when your making it...$12.00 for the kit (WOW price $10.50)

This is Jan Goos's project...I played with the dying and I think it has come out great! Kit price (with backing) will be $25...(WOW price $22.50).

Also, we have the model done of the quilt on the front cover....we'll work on kits this weekend and let you know the price a bit later! (Picture of the magazine is over on the right hand side bar...)

If yall didn't catch a late post I did last Saturday night, Judy Condon's book is now at the shop...$ always, eye candy for the american antique collector!

We received a nice order of Spring punchneedle patterns in today...too many to put the pictures up on the would take me all night! Plue I got in several Carriage House Sampling cross stitch patterns..."Strawberry Blonde", "Frederick" and "Pennsylvania Redware".

New from Elenor Burns..."Tales of the First Ladies"
Great civil war block book with some amazing quilts! As with all the Quilt in a Day books...great instructions!
$24.95 (WOW price $22.45)

Back in stock..."Charmed I'm Sure" by Lesley Chaisson. Quick quilting projects using all those 5" charm packs! $24.99 (WOW price $22.50)

"A Simple Life" Magazine, Spring 2012 will be shipping Feb. 1st! Can't wait for that! Here's a sneak peak of the front cover...

$8.95 for the issue (WOW price $8.05)
AND...we received an email from the gals at that magazine that there will be a Special Garden issue coming out a bit later! If you take their magazine with a subscription, you'll need to let them know that you want that issue as won't be automatically sent...More info when we get it!

I'm trying to get our selling site (located over on the right hand side bar)up to date...which is taking me way longer than I'd like! BUT...I did get Moda's 1862 Battle Hymn fabric up on the fabric section! So if you need to order or want to see which pieces we have...that's where you can go look!

Bridgeport by Jo Morton is shipping sometime next week...looking forward to that! LOTS of great reds in that line!

And last but not least...we're finally making a quick trip to PA. next week to pick up some antiques and goodies for the other side of our shop...which is looking a bit sad since Christmas...the shopping pledge is..."I'm not coming home til the van is full!"

Time to go work on kits for the weekend...come see us if you get the chance!

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