Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Let the After Christmas Sale Begin! (Updated Friday evening...)

Happy pre-New Years Greetings to all!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday...I know I did! Santa brought me lots of goodies and I've spent the week here in-between Christmas and New Years just doing "for me" stuff here at home! Two of my New Years resolutions that I have started early healthier and be more productive. So....this past week, I pulled out my big blue antique basket rug that I had been really working on before mom died and I'm going to get that thing finished! I should be done with all the inside work by all I'll have left is the background to do. My goal is to have it hanging in the shop by the end of January! (That's #3 on my new years resolution list!)
Here's an updated picture...only one big leaf and a flower left to go and then it's all background....yea!

Now for the important information!
Our "After Christmas/Happy New Years End of the Bolt and Christmas Stuff" Sale begins Saturday and runs all weekend...

Here's the deal...

20% off all Christmas and End of the bolt fabric
WOW Members get a 25% discount!
AND...if your ticket goes over $100....get an extra 5% off!

Hours....we'll be there until at least 4:00 on Saturday and all day Sunday!

(Friday evening...)

Just a couple of last quickie notes...we got in the February issue of Early American Life magazine...some really great articles in this! $5.99 for the issue...

We also received 4 more of the newest Marcus Brothers Primo-Plaids..these are double napped flannel...and would make great backings for a quilt! (And come this next week...those flannels are going to feel pretty dang good when the temperatures around here drop!)

But for this weekend..the skies will be sunny and temps will be in the 60's both come on out and see us! This will be a great time to buy backings for your quilt projects and christmas treats for next year!

I'm off to go finish my last leaf! Until later...Lisa

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