Monday, October 3, 2011

Barn Sale on the Horizon! (Updated Friday afternoon)

Happy Fall Monday to all!

Here in NC, we are loving the cool fall weather that has fallen upon us! Gets me in the mood for the upcoming Barn Sale for sure! If you live in the area, be sure and check out the "flyer" for it over on the right hand side bar!!

One of my favorite 2012 calendars arrived on Saturday...."Pure and Simple"...great prim photos in this hanging calendar! $19.95 each (WOW girl price $17.95). (We'll be taking these to the barn sale with us if we don't sell out first! (I'll put some of the pictures up from the calendar here in just a bit...)

And today, JoAnn, our mail lady extroidinare, delivered the two new Jill Peterson books, "Simple Cooking for a Simple Life" and "Tis the Season". Oh my gosh...great books to say the least! $24.00 each...(WOW girl price $21.60). If you're on the list, you've got one with your name on it...the rest are going to the Barn Sale with us! There is a Crab Crock Pot Soup recipe calling out to me...and what perfect weather for that and a homemade loaf of bread!


Bonnie Sullivan and Kathy Schmitz have a new book coming out..."French Inspirations for Artful Hands". A few sneek peeks can be had over on Kathy Schmitz' blog...and from what we're seeing...really really nice! We've ordered 6 for now...$28.95 each...(WOW girl special pricing of $25.00...a bit better than the regular 10% off!)
Let me know if you need your name on one! I'm hoping to have in time for the barn sale!


Thought I'd show yall one of the kits I'm putting together for the barn sale...cute as a pillow or framed...the kit will be for a pillow with chenille included for the outside edge...(and if you're thinking it needs more snowflakes...I haven't cut it down yet to the size it is suppose to be soon as I do that, then we'll see if it needs to be more of a "blizzard" rather than a light dusting!)(AND...that blue background isn't as "blue" as it looks in the picture...thank heavens for that!)
Kit price (pattern not included) is $19.95 (WOW price $17.95)...there's a lot to this kit! Pattern cost is $6.95.

(Thursday evening...)

I've been dying wool and cutting kits for the last couple of days...trying to get everything ready for the barn sale in a week or so....OMG, I need for time! I guess the good side to all of this work is, if it doesn't sell at the barn sale, I'll have lots of new treats for when we re-open the first of November!

New pattern coming...(yes, in time for the sale!)'s call "Ewe Old Bag"...great little wool project bags...quick to do! And if you are'nt "fuzzy-ing up" to the whole bag idea...those little appliques would be very cool used a million other differnt ways! Pattern price $9.95 (WOW price $8.95).

And I thought I'd toss out a "teaser" picture of the new upcoming Winter Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine...I've seen several of the projects due out in this issue...AWESOME! Magazine price is $9.95 (WOW price $8.95) and they are suppose to ship out around the 15th of this month! So we'll definitely have them in time for our re-opening weekend November 4-5th. I've got a list going for those who want one held...just let me know if you need to be a part of that!


So here's the scoop...

We got an email today from the author of the upcoming "Simpler Times" book. We finally have a release date of MARCH 2012 for this book. Also, there is already a 2nd
book in the works calld "Simpler Times - Autumn" that will be released in AUGUST
2012. We will carry both books and I do have a list going for those who definantly want the first one when it arrives!

Another FYI...I called Andover Fabrics to see how things were going after the big flood..."Elizabethtown" is now due to ship November 1st (or there abouts)...hopefully we'll have them in when we re-open!

Back to work for me....til later...Lisa

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