Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Valentines and Cupids

(Updated Thursday late afternoon...)

Now that the Christmas/New Year holidays are behind us, it's time to think hearts and bunnies!

We have on order three new patterns from Country Stitches...I want to make sure that we get enough for anyone who wants to get it...so I'm taking pre-orders on these three patterns and the linen as well! (WOW members...don't forget about your discount!)

St. Valentines Fraktur...overall size is 4" x 12". Pattern price...$12.95

New Castle 40 ct. linen in "Raw"...you'll need an 18" square for the project below...price per 18" piece is $11.95

"Love Filled Heart". Makes a 6 1/2" heart pocket/pinkeep...perfect to stash away your favorite pair of embroidery scissors and sewing pins. I will include the tiny chenille that goes around the outside at no charge! $8.95 for the pattern.

"Cupid's Arrow" pattern...makes a sweet little stuffed cherub with paper wings and a stuffed red heart...pattern price is $11.95 and comes with the red fabric for the heart.

If anyone would like to pre-order...just email me and I'll get you on the list!

(Monday evening...)

Got a nice big stack of springtime wools dyed today...so far there are about 35 colors coming in...I've been humming "here comes peter cottontail" all day in my head! One more day of dying and we should have a good jump on Spring projects!

And...the January free wool for the WOW members is done! Come pick up your piece when you have the chance!

Just came down from my studio a few minutes ago where I swore I wasn't coming down until I had that pit of a workspace cleaned up and I could find stuff again! In the process, I found this cute little Valentine project that we did years ago for a beginner stitchery class...thought I'd make a few kits and bring them in this weekend! Price will be $6.95 and will have everything you need to make it just as you see it. It fits into a 5 x 7 frame or makes a cute little pillow! (I accidently spayed mine with Brown Sugar room spray...thinking it was my bottle of walnut crystal dye...how stupid was that! However, I will say, it smells delightful!)

"Down the Maiden's Path" patterns for February (Martha) and March/April (Annabell) are now done and available for purchase. $6.95 each...kits won't be ready until Feb. 1st for Martha and a little later for Annabell...

One last quick note...the next Settler's Pride block is ready for the girls who are doing that project. If yours gets mailed, it has either gone out already or will go out tomorrow. (My mail lady got here before I could get all the shipping labels done!) If you normally pick it up, it will be ready and at the shop this weekend!

Well...back to cutting kits...here comes the weekend!

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