Monday, January 17, 2011

It's like Weight Watchers for rug hookers...

Updated Friday afternoon...

Before I moved here I started a hooked rug just for me...which I very seldom do because I just don't seem to have the time when there is so much that needs to be done for the shop. When I got here to NC, it all went into a big basket up in my work studio and there it has sat ever since! The other night I was sitting there in a daze looking at it...thinking...."this is nuts! I'm going to treat this project like Weight Wathers and get this thing done!" It's all about accountability, right?

SO...I brought it all down to the living room, sat it by my favorite chair and every day I am going to work on this rug and at the end of the week I'm going to post a picture of its progress...again, accountability! I though maybe if I have to show some progress each week, it will help keep me on track and I'll finally have a "me" rug that can go in the house! are the beginning pictures...

And if anyone would like to join my "Rug Watchers" group, we can send pictures to each other every week for encouragement and positive reinforcement!

Now back to shop news....

We've put in an order for a new upcoming book...Maggie Bonanomi's "Book of Days"...due out in February. I want to make sure we order I am takng pre-orders on this book.
Maggie Bonanomi designed a Book of Days that can be used as a calendar, scrapbook,or journal – now you can make one too. Maggie’s version is filled with photos of her favorite seasonal surroundings, quotes, and hand-drawn art. She shares how she made her book and ways you can tailor yours to fit your taste! Make a book for yourself or as gift for a special friend! Inside you’ll find instructions for putting a book together and lots of inspiration for filling the pages. $14.95 per copy...WOW members will receive a 15% discount on this purchase!

We've decided to start carrying Rug Hooking Magazine in the shop! For those of you that have trouble finding it, we will now carry the magazine, starting with the Jan/Feb issue. Cover price is $9.95...WOW girls, don't forget your discount! If you need us to reserve you a copy, just email us!

New Spring pattern in the shop this weekend...Chicks n' Pussy Willows! Overall size is 16" x 11"...makes a cute spring pillow or runner. Pattern price is $6.95. (WOW price is $6.25.) I'm going to try and have a few kits ready for this weekend...I'll let you know a price for those later!

Some great vintage pink fabrics are coming in this weekend...$7.95 per yard

1) Marcus Brothers from Charleston V collection
2) Moda by Minnick & Simpson
3) Moda from Three Sisters Favorites
4) Moda from Paris Flea Market
5) Thimbleberries by RJR from the 2007 Club Series

Two fun red prints...

Both of these are by Moda...Minick & Simpson...$7.95 per yard

A fantastic blue/cream print by Minick & Simpson for Moda...

And one more fun print from a Moda line by Sandy Gervais called "We the People"

Judy Condon called today...her next book,"Simply Country Gardens" will be shipping in two weeks! If you want your name on the list to receive one...just let me know!
Book price is $24.95 (WOW discount applies!)

Last weekend I had a laundry basket full of stuff that was out of my studio...selling it CHEAP! Needless to say, it only took a couple of hours and most of the stuff was off to new homes! I'm bringing in more this weekend...mostly 5 melton weight, cream, soldier blue, light golden/sage and a great dark green wool...all of these wools retail at $20 per yard.....I'm selling them for $8 a yard! The Melton weight wools are also great to dye over and make perfect backgrounds for penny rugs or if you do clothing, jackets and vests. Here are the colors so you can see...

Ok girls....yall wiped me out of the wool! Right now there is only 22" of red left!

Yall all have a great weekend...come see us if you get the chance!


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