Thursday, October 21, 2010

9 days and counting!

Well in 9 days we'll be putting our shop back together for the big reopening on November 6th! (I wish we were already done with all that rebuilding...but I guess what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger!)

We've got a couple of new things to show...

First, the December issue of Early American Life just came in....not to be confused with the "Christmas" issue of Early American Life! (Which we are sold out of the Christmas issue and I'm not sure if we can get it back in or not...)
As always...great articles...this one has a great article on antique and reproduction game boards (which we love!).... $4.99 per copy. It's over on the website as well for purchase...

I've put together kits on these "JOY" Star pillows...and they turned out great! I actually put two different kits kit is exactly like the pattern...three star pillows all done in hand dyed wool. The other kit makes the pillow shown done as one long pillow. On that model, I put a fantastic reproduction antique silver tinsel around the outside...great! If you do it as one long piece, you can actually run the letters down the wool and frame it or turn it into a long wall-hanging! (Yep...I know the snowflake is missing one of its little "legs"...the drawing is wrong in the pattern and I've made a new flake pattern and added it to the patterns. I just didn't catch it until it was done and I was thinking...what's wrong with this picture!!??)

Price per kit...$19.95 with pattern or $10.95 without pattern (WOW discount applies!)
(Add $3.00 if you want the antique tinsel instead of chenille)

Price per kit...$25.95 with pattern or $16.95 without pattern (WOW discount applies!)
This kit comes with chenille to go around all three stars...

I'll also have the antique tinsel to purchase...both in the silver and the gold. Both have a great old look...nice and comes on 9' rolls for $5.95. There is a bit of a limit on this if you want some...let me know!

If any of yall are going to Sharon's porch sale on Saturday and would like to pick up a kit for the pillows, let me know by Friday...I'll be taking kits over there for some of the girls to pick up that already have things on order!

Two of the little "pocket" books came back is on basic embroidery stitches and the other is on crazy quilt stitches. Great little laminated fold out books filled with tons of stitches in easy to understand pictures...and best of all...they are cheap! $4.95 each!

Back to work for me...putting Santa kits together next!!


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