Monday, May 17, 2010

This is going to be a busy week! (Updated Friday 5/21)

Well it's almost the weekend!!

We had a great (and rare) find this week...for those of you looking for authentic american 18th century furniture...this is the real deal! Beautiful side chair dating from around 1770...more than likely from New Hampshire....beautiful turnings on the stretcher and up-rights...all pegged like you would expect. It has been refinished and the seat re-done over the years...not a surprise there. It will only be in the shop for a few weekends...$295.00.

The next block for our Settler's Pride quilt is ready! For the girls who pick it up from me at the shop, come on in! The rest are on their way in the mail, so be looking for it if that's the way you get it...

I just got in another bolt of civil war reproduction fabric...this is from Marcus Brother's Bonnie Blue Basics line...a fantastic tone on tone golden brown...a great color right off the bolt...but I did just throw some into a dye batch and it's turning out so nice! This will be one of those pieces that you can do anything with! I'm fixing to turn some of this dyed piece into a sewing bird for one of my covered later! (Which, by the way...there is a pattern by Jennifer Schneeman for one in the new Simple Life Magazine,shown below...)
Anyway...$7.95 per's over on the website as well if anyone needs some mailed to them!

Also...the summer edition of A Simple Life Magazine is here! FANTASTIC(as we thought it would be)!! It's also over on the website for ordering...$8.95 for the issue. I put a photo up of the contents...just a little temptation!!

Here's a sneak peak at a fun new wool BOM project that will be starting up in September...designed by Sharon Stewart of Liberty Rose, it's a 9 block project...which can be all put into a great wall hanging or individually made into pillows, framed pictures, etc. Each block is of this lovely Maiden all decked out in seasonal attire. I'm doing the wool kits for this project to go along with Sharon's pattern. We're beginning to put the list together of those who would like to get in on the fun AND get the wool kit that matches the original model. The first 15 to sign up will be able to get it as it appears....after that, the wools may change a bit but the "feel" of the project will remain the same. The project each month will cost $28...pattern, wool and floss! ($25 if you are a WOW club member!) Sharon has done a great job with these girls and it will be a quick and easy project to do!
To sign up, you can either contact me ( or contact Sharon ( Don't miss out on the fun!!

More later so check back!! Lisa

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