Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Friday night....(updated Saturday May 15)

...and another warm weekend is just around the corner! Lots of vendors were setting up this afternoon while we were working at the shop...
Of course, I took my camera and then remembered that the card for it was stuck in the computer! Have you ever had that happen?? I seem to do that alot!

We brought in a few goodies...3 really nice and OLD hog scraper candlesticks...$60 each (or if you buy more than 1, we'll work you a better deal!) and a couple of really neat old tin spice says "Allspice" on top and the other one says "Cloves"...I thought they would make really cute and unique pincushion containers...$15 each.

I've restocked some of the most popular punchneedle patterns, brought in a few fabric covered boxes and some new dyed pieces of wool. Also coming in... this great new bolt of fabric...from Blue Hill's line called Gettysburg would make an awesome backing to a civil war quilt or you should see how the large covered box looks in this fabric...very cool!$7.95 per yard.

Shawn has been buying a lot of Sterling silver lately...we're bringing in a bunch of the jewelry (rings, bracelets, and necklaces)...most will be priced between $5 and $10 each...moving it through at a really cheap price! Come take a look! (Sat. update: sold a bunch, but there is still plenty!)

I think that's it for tonight!
Have a great weekend...come see us if you get out and about!

Saturday update: Forgot to mention...if anyone collects pewter...we have 4 really nice, early German pewter rimmed bowls...9" in diameter...$20 each. There are four matching bowls, if you take them all, the price will be $68 for all four!


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