Monday, February 8, 2016

Three Updates in a Week!!! (Updated Thursday evening.... Feb. 11th)

1501 N. Main
(At the light across from Applebees and Chic-Fil-A)
Fuquay Varina, NC 27526
(919) 557-0202



10am - 5pm

Here is a link to our current class schedule

 (Block of the Month projects and Available kits)

(Monday, February 6th)

Hello to all....
I know....I've been a bad blogger lately! It doesn't seem that long ago since my last post......then all of a sudden, I look at the last post date and think....good heavens...has it really been that long??? It has!!!

So here what's new in for tomorrow!

Jo Morton has a new book out!

A compilation of 13 projects ( I think that's how many I counted) from
past Little Women club projects! All small and scrappy....all simply wonderful...and all very "Jo"!
$29.95 for the price is $26.95


New from Kansas Trouble Quilters!
"Crazy for Minis" book
6 fun "mini" projects....$12.95 (wow price $11.65)
Betsy Chutchian has a new book out....

 "Classic Heirloom Quilts"
8 beautiful quilting projects....
$19.95 (wow price $17.95)
For you Vintage 30's Farm Girls out there...
 A fun book from Lori Holt!

Fun....Scrappy....full of "Springy" quilt projects and ideas!
$27.95 (wow price $25.15)
(Is Springy a word????)
New from All Through the Night!

"Tuxedo Tales"
Now we're not doing this as a block of the month....but I picked 3 patterns out first...April, August, and December and have made them into wool kits...which can easily be turned into a cute changeable picture, mat or pillow!
I'm not really a "cat person"....but these turned out pretty dang cute and I'm sure there will be more to follow! All 12 designs will be available by end of the week...the first three I picked out are available now.
$5.00 for the pattern
$12.95 for the pattern and complete wool kit
Need a quick kit to make as a gift??
"Daisy Pincushion" by Primitive Gatherings
$10.95 for pattern and complete wool kit
We've picked out two fun runners for this Spring so far...
 "Daffodil Dance" by Primitive Gatherings
pattern $9.00
Pattern and complete wool kit...$29.95

 Scrappy Flowerbasket" by Primitive Gatherings
pattern $9.00
Pattern and complete wool kit...$32.95
(sold out right now, but we'll have more in the shop by end of the week)
From Crane Designs....

A beautiful spring mat called "Awakenings"
Pattern price..$9.00 (wow price $8.10)
Pattern with complete wool kit...$32.95

New stitchery patterns from Kathy Schmitz!!

4 Separate new stitching patterns...each contain 12 - 3 1/2" stitching designs that can be used to make a great quilt or lots of great small little projects!
Each pattern....$9.00 each (wow price $8.10)

These patterns have been wildly popular and we only have two in stock right now...more will be in at the end of the week!


And speaking of Stitching.....

We have a new Stitching Group at the shop!
Anyone can doesn't cost a thing!
Just bring your stitching (embroidery, cross stitch or hand applique)
 and sit with the girls!
When you ask?????
The first Saturday of every month!
1pm - 5pm
Come and go as you like!!
There's just one thing......

(it's  just too scary to think about!) 
My February a better blogger!

(Wednesday Feb 10th)

Now in at the shop!!

"Sewing Room Sampler Quilt" by Yoko Saito!!
Pattern price $15.00 (wow price $13.50)
and these will work great for this project....
2 different Lecien charm packs by Yoko Saito...
one is a "cool" pack and the other is "warm"
$9.95 each

There are wovens in this line as well....and we have layer cakes coming...but they won't be here for a bit....
In for Thursday....
We'll have Moda's crackle "bee hive" tan back in stock along with the "Linen" crackle (used in the 4 stitchery patterns by Kathy Schmitz shown above)

 and we've had several girls asking for the grey with little white dots that we have over in our 30's vintage will be back in stock as well!
(this is working in great in the Farm Girl Vintage blocks!!)


(Thursday, February 11th)

It will be here in a couple of days!!

The newest issue of Punch Needle and Primitive Stitcher Magazine!
If you need one....let us know!

Wait til you see what we have coming in on Friday....check back!!

Thought you all would like to see....
Nancy Yando brought this in to her stitch group this morning at the shop...
Fantastic hexie quilt with the best border ever!
It's heading off to the quilter here soon to be finished....can't wait to see!!



Coming in on Friday!!

Two new stitcheries by Buttermilk Basin...

"Sewing in Spring"
pattern price $9.00 (wow price $8.10)

"Sewing in Summer"
pattern price $9.00 (wow price $8.10)

Embroidery and Crazy Quilt Stitch tool book
by Judith Montano
$23.95 for the price $21.55
 Bunny Pincushion by Primitives Gatherings
pattern price $ price $5.40
Kits should be ready next Tuesday for $10.95!
That is it for this week!
**We are not sure what the weather will be doing tomorrow morning...please check our facebook page and this blog for updates in the morning if we have "frozen" weather!**
From all of the girls at Lone Star...


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