Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter has hit the South!! (updated Wednesday 8th)

Oh my gosh it's cold here....19 for the low tonight and in the mid 30's for tomorrow...North Carolina is considered the "south", right?
I have to go back to Houston to check on my mom for a week and I'll be leaving Wednesday.... so I won't be in the shop this weekend. (I'm leaving it in the capable hands of Shawn and Sue!) At least by the weekend, I'll be back to temperatures in the 70's...yea!

There are a bunch of new patterns coming in that will be here for the weekend! A new cross stitch or two and some new punchneedle patterns...

These first four patterns are new winter designs by Country Stitches...all punchneedle patterns...I especially love the sheep and winter stocking design! They all are $11.95 each...(WOW discount applies!).

This is a new cross-stitch pattern...two cute little christmas pinkeeps...$9.95

This pattern has a little cross-stitch pinkeep, a punchneedle sewing box and a little tomato made from wool...$9.95

And lastly...two more cute punchneedle patterns...$9.95 each. The first pattern is new to the shop...and the second pattern we've had in the past but sold out. They both make adorable little "purse" pockets...

Plus...I ordered about 20 other punchneedle patterns...all best we'll be well stocked!

I put together kits on the Candy Canes and Gingerbread runner...after filling the orders, there are a few left and they will be at the shop this weekend. Kit price, which includes the pattern and everything you need is $29.95 (WOW discount applies!). If you want one and can't make it to the shop, just let me know!

I dyed a bunch a great textured reds and greens today, plus a few other colors we were low on...come take a look if you are needing something to finish that christmas project!

Stay warm and I'll see everyone when I get back!

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