Friday, February 19, 2010

New pics of the shop...(updated 2/20)

Finally remembered to take the camera into the shop today when I went in to do a little housekeeping....shown above is a great one-of-a-kind NC country made cupboard... great smaller size and a cute little looker! (I wish I could keep everything I buy that I love...I had the perfect place for this at the house!) Also in the picture are some of the new crocks we brought in last weekend...and towards the top of the picture you can see a few of the new birdhouses we recently received. These are handcrafted here in Chapel Hill, ready for the birds to nest in this Spring!

Here's the new quilt in the shop now....looks great with that Virginia Sampler Chair from Johnston Benchworks!

Here are just some other pics of the pieces here and there...some new candles, cards, punchneedle pictures...lots of goodies...if anyone is looking for a set of mule eared chairs...we have a fantastic assembled set...all old in very good shape and all good seats. The estate we got these from used them around a fantastic 2 board top tavern table and they looked great! $100 for the set or $35 each, take your pick.(SOLD)

Also new in the shop...a really nice old oak rectangular gathering basket...nice oxidation around the nails...$48(SOLD); I have this "thing" for old rolling pins and I found a very cool tiger maple one with old green handles..$20; a nice old wooden tote
(another thing I seem to gravitate to!)...$35;a mid-1800's NC two board top small sized table. It has one drawer and a shelf underneath that was added later...pegged legs & square nails...grungy grey blue paint probably painted when the shelf was added somewhere around the turn of the's pretty square...would make a great table on a large porch or a cool coffee table...very primitive..$75.00 (this is the "Sunday only" price);and finally a vintage (probably 30's-40's)tin painted flour sifter - a cutie for the retro kitchen...$9.95. Hmmm....I think that's it for now....

Lots of vendors were setting up outside this afternoon while we were at the shop...some great stuff was out there! The weather is going to be beautiful, come see us if you get the chance!

(New Spring kits and wools will be in next weekend...)


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